Aug 10, 2010

Best Monday EVER!

:). That just sums up my Monday. To explain: When I woke up today, I did not realize how good this Monday would be. Four awesomes awaited me.

FIRST AWESOME: When I reach the office, I see a copy of Puyuh's ASTRO CITYZEN lying on my desk! I had asked Yon Hui to get me a copy if he finds one anywhere.. and he did! Thanks Yon Hui!

SECOND AWESOME: I recieve a fb message from my cousin sis after a loooong time for rakhi. She's in UK. ^_^ I miss you too sis! We used to fight so much when we were kids :D. I miss her the most!

THIRD AWESOME: Then, I recieve a SUPERCUTE card from the SUPERCUTE 4 year old Janaki ^_^. Super Yay!

FOURTH AWESOME: Peeps from Pixar, who are here in Malaysia for their talk, came to our studio!! It was really great meeting all the guys, who seemed a whole lottsa fun. :)

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