Jan 22, 2010

Oldie - Auror

I havn't been drawing much nowadays. Mostly been busy with completing a short story. Hope to complete the synopsis over the weekend. Meanwhile, here's a little something. I have posted this image  long back on my earlier blogging efforts. 

She's Auror (pronounced as Aw-raw-kh), the warrior queen of Asbek. The Asbekis choose their queen from amongst a dozen of the tribe's most fearless (and well endowed) women. The queen is the symbol of strength and beauty of the tribe and its culture. The queen's royal ride is the last remaining Wooly Rhino (idea thanks to Hyenaman) I'm still to draw the concept for the ride.

And here's a follow up speedy:

Oh, and I used some awesome photoshop brushes of Jaime Jones for these two.