Nov 26, 2009

Dessert runner!

Made this sometime back. Just realized I can't work on it anymore. So I call it done. Here we go! It's a dessert runner. A piggish reptilian like thing.. and he loves dessert!! Lookat'em go!
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Nov 19, 2009

Grey Magic Sketchbook

After finishing up on the last movie, I went to Landmark book store with Iridyse to buy myself some art stationary. She suggested I take this little grey, soft, velvet covered sketchbook with a rather odd texture of paper. I was kind of skeptical at first, but you have to take that girls advice when it comes to art ;).

Here's the awesome loot:

I have to say - it has been an addicting experience. I've been sketching in it rampantly ever since.

Thanks Iridyse! ^_^

And thanks Jean for lending me the camera to take the pics! ^_^

Nov 18, 2009

Major Tweets!

So a friend suggested I continue my intensely rubbish and sometimes hemorrhage inducing micro-blogging on Twitter, where it's meant to be.. and not on my Google Chat status. So I just started Tweeting. You can catch the latest gibberish at . I'm also planting  a Twitter widget into the blog.

Total yap redundancy! Yay!

Twisted dreams

Nothing new for some time now, I finished my entry for the "Dreams" contest at . Here it is, pretty unfinished, I gotta get back to the loads of other unfinished stuff I have.