Dec 31, 2009

Pink Cow

This is dedicated to our dear cute Pink Cow. ^_^ If she doesn't kill me, I'll meet you guys in the next year! Happy new year everyone!! and wishing a fantastic new year ahead to the Pink Cow!! :) You are one in a million.

Dec 28, 2009

Lonely Christmas

Here's a little piece I did yesterday.. I have about 3 works in progress now and they dont seem to see the end.

AND NO, I did'nt really have a lonely christmas, hehe, I had an awesome christmas with family and an awesome time with friends. Hope you guys had one too!!

Dec 20, 2009

Chicki like Kitty!

Cuteness overload! Chiki wants to play with kitty and keep it in the lap! This one is for you chicki!

In other news, I need to scan a lot of my daily sketches. Unfortunately the scanner ain't working in Windows 7. Thanks to unsupported drivers. And here is another much more beautiful version of the quick speedy I posted earlier, thanks to Iridyse (her awesomeness with photoshop tools!):

Dec 15, 2009

You Love I and others

You Love I :) Started and finished today!

Random speedy

Been spending some time playing the keyboard lately.. now I can play the Scientist and Trouble by Coldplay. And one of my own compositions. Now if only I could stop being lazy.

Dec 10, 2009

Snack time!

Yep, I'm here at my parents place and snack time comes quite often than what I'm used to! (Not that I'm complaining ;) ) Mantis boy here is also doing quite the same. Bon appetit!