Jun 28, 2010

Lotsa' rubbish

Two pages of utter rubbish. This is what my (or something in its place) regurgitates while I wait for renders. Spew!

More importantly, attended an awesome sculpting session conducted by Jarold Sng. He is a brilliant teacher, and  a real awesome sculptor. Was real fun attending the session. We sculpted a bust which Jarold guided us through. Here's the reference :

This is concept art for Narnia done by the famous Aaron Sims Company

I was gonna post a WIP of the bust, but it's SO much of a WIP that people would probably end up with this expression 

So, later peeps! Once I get it a little further along. :D

As usual, Haffun!!

Jun 21, 2010

Too short.

I'm too short to be sexy. If I were tall (and a few hundred things here and there) I would be very very attractive. :P So you see I'm fairly close. Honestly. Quick digital thingy, trying out some fur. I messed up the lighting pretty bad.

Jun 16, 2010

I'm OK

Stupid way to say I'm not OK. A quick digital doodle after a long time.

Jun 15, 2010


No work in the office for now. I must have yawned over 20 times today at work. A futile attempt to keep myself awake follows.

Jun 14, 2010

Love is stupid

Kind of sums it up. KL is going good. Going to attend some sculpting sessions and sketching sessions with peeps from the office next week. Should be great fun. Really looking forward to it. For the meanwhile, a set of two interrelated quick doodles.

Jun 10, 2010

Old sketches from an older sketchbook!

Found these in an old sketchbook which turned into a notebook after some weeks.

Top: A series of six silent sketches depicting the conflict between kids and adults.
Middle: I dunno, a gay looking gorilla type creature, I guess?
Bottom: A concept for a "Serman Monkey",  a man-eating creature who is also known as nibbler as they kill their prey by taking tiny nibbles off the prey over a period of hours before the prey succumbs to injuries. Gruesome, isn't it?

Have fun!

Coffee Sketching and Ideating

Had a nice time in the evening with Dileep and Trishna at Gloria Jean's Coffees in Inorbit. Good place to sketch in peace. Even if the whole mall is cluttered with people, this is one place that'll still be empty (No, the coffee is not bad - it's pretty darn good, actually. ) Did a good 5 rounds of ideating for illustrations, an excercise suggested by Dileep -real fun :D . Probably, the last one we had before I go to Malaysia. A random scribble I did while sipping on the yummy Irish Nut Creme. Pure nonsense. :D

Jun 6, 2010

It's been a long time, hence a very long photo.

I've been up and down and pretty much been through a whole lot all these months. Bought myself a camera, a laptop and a mp3 player... all in preparations for my 6 month trip to Malaysia. Haven't been doing any digital art recently. A lot of stuff was on paper though, so now that I have a camera, you'll probably see a whole lot more updates, unless, I forget.