Jun 28, 2010

Lotsa' rubbish

Two pages of utter rubbish. This is what my (or something in its place) regurgitates while I wait for renders. Spew!

More importantly, attended an awesome sculpting session conducted by Jarold Sng. He is a brilliant teacher, and  a real awesome sculptor. Was real fun attending the session. We sculpted a bust which Jarold guided us through. Here's the reference :

This is concept art for Narnia done by the famous Aaron Sims Company

I was gonna post a WIP of the bust, but it's SO much of a WIP that people would probably end up with this expression 

So, later peeps! Once I get it a little further along. :D

As usual, Haffun!!

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  1. Rubbish is always more fun than serious work anyway :)