Aug 10, 2010

Best Monday EVER!

:). That just sums up my Monday. To explain: When I woke up today, I did not realize how good this Monday would be. Four awesomes awaited me.

FIRST AWESOME: When I reach the office, I see a copy of Puyuh's ASTRO CITYZEN lying on my desk! I had asked Yon Hui to get me a copy if he finds one anywhere.. and he did! Thanks Yon Hui!

SECOND AWESOME: I recieve a fb message from my cousin sis after a loooong time for rakhi. She's in UK. ^_^ I miss you too sis! We used to fight so much when we were kids :D. I miss her the most!

THIRD AWESOME: Then, I recieve a SUPERCUTE card from the SUPERCUTE 4 year old Janaki ^_^. Super Yay!

FOURTH AWESOME: Peeps from Pixar, who are here in Malaysia for their talk, came to our studio!! It was really great meeting all the guys, who seemed a whole lottsa fun. :)

Aug 8, 2010

Hot shower on a cool evening

The temperature went down today, and it got quite nice in the evening. Perfect and rare occasion for a hot shower.

Aug 5, 2010

Waiting for the bus

So this happened after the day I recovered from the fever, and having slept the entire evening the previous day, I woke up at around 5:30. Which is waaaaaaay too early. I couldn't possibly sleep more. I tried. But couldn't. so I woke up, and got myself ready to goto office and decided to wait for the 8:15 shuttle. Time just won't pass. But then I started drawing. And thus this.

Aug 4, 2010


So it's been about a month that I've been sitting next to Yon Hui at work. He's a real great guy and I believe has some real good talent and the perseverance that i have seen only in very few artists to better themselves. He has uploaded some really neat character designs in his latest blog update from his sketchbook (which was wonderful to go through), with some really nicely done poses. Do check them out! Looking at him draw, I'm also inspired to draw more! Thanks for the inspiration Yon Hui! Here's a little posing practice that I ended up doing.

Big Sis (left) and some posing practice (right)


It's nothing personal, but I hate doctors.

Not my fault really, and it's nothing they do..It's just that all throughout being a kid I have made regular visits to doctors and taken countless medication for my countless allergies. When I recovered, and consequently discovered that I no longer have those allergies, I promised myself - I will make sure, to avoid visiting the doc for stuff like cold and fever - "Avoid seeing doctors". Even if that means not dating one - so be it.

This comes up as I was down with fever for a few days last week. Was almost considering going to a doctor, but then, I recovered. Yay! :D So here's a little something to celebrate.

Aug 2, 2010

More updates soon!

I have a lot of updates coming up. I hadn't really taken a break from sketching, but more of a break from updating the blog. For now, the most important update is that there will be more updates soon. Heeeh. Yeah I know how lame that is. So to compensate for that I am also posting a couple of recent sketches from the grey magic sketchbook.